Hennepin Canal Questionnaire

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Hennepin Canal Questionnaire


1. *Contact Information



Address, email and phone number

*optional: phone, email and address will not be used unless we have follow up questions



How long have you been a resident there?


2. Age Group


0-18, 19-35, 36-54, 54-74, 75+


3. When (and at what age) did you start visiting the canal? What activities does your family enjoy when you come to visit?




4. Do you have a personal connection to the canal and/or do you know of anyone involved with the construction of the canal?




5. Do you have a personal story or memory about the canal you would like to share?




6. What activities would you like to see on the canal and why?





7. Which portion of the Canal do you use most often (lock location)?




If you have additional information (stories, pictures) you would like to contribute regarding the canal, please attach additional sheets, mail us or email us directly:




Email: HennepinSurvey@gmail.com

Mail: Carolyn Andrews

Johnson Lasky Architects

180 N. Michigan Suite 401

Chicago, IL 60601